15 Mar 2012

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Cable company vs the phone company in a wild race to the bottom. Loud change cup guy, Jimmy's elevator antics, and an asshole eagle.
Abrupt end to first hour ... Ant suddenly feels unwell.
@AnthonyCumia : Just feeling a bit sickly. Think it was dinner. Ufh
@AnthonyCumia : Better now but going home. Sorry!!
Show went to Worst Of for an hour. Check here for latest updates.

Jim restarts the show, Rich and Bonnie in studio.
Domestic tribulations. The neverending movie. We begin to suspect that Rich may be somewhat self-involved, either that or he's gay.
Storage unit porno clearout. The Vos sexy talk. The dismal, dishonest state of most broadcast media. Limbaugh thing gets kicked around.
Rich remembers who he forgot. Road tales and bitter jealousy. Bees.

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The Shit Show's raison d'ĂȘtre is explored. More office gossip. Roland sing-song and tight pants.


  1. damn i just got pwned/roper rolled. thanks for being a fan that runs a fan site. i know its been said before i just wanted to echo the somewhat empty sentiment.


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