21 Mar 2012

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Dodging a Santorum bullet, gay porno, climate schmimate, basketball dunk and big giant chicks, Manning #18. Kenny calls the shots.
Mashup Nicole, sweet Jim Norton on Fox & Friends, Romney mashup. The comedy stylings of Bobby DeNiro, turnabout and free-speech.
WWE Chris Jericho in studio. Roast stories, the xfl train wreck. Bits, and the science of playing the heel. Parking lot zombie attack.
Jersey Shore pointless tittle-tattle. TV ad nostalgia and skulls getting smashed in. Islamic acid and Jewish nana. Uncle Paul, file-trader at large. TV on the radio: The Paul Lynde Show is watched and enjoyed.

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Some Troy nonsense to skip, then tape of the first time Jericho was in. Him and Norton getting tense, includes bonus Patrice. Whoo Kid.


  1. Thanks, got to love Chip Lynde!

  2. You are simply a wonderful man.

  3. To be able to just simply click a link & watch the EXACT "The Paul Lynde Show" clip they're watching is just one more reason why I prefer here. And that is NOT a knock against Haze, just to be clear. And after doing some poking around Snopes, it looks like that PL not only didn't say tbe great-but-untrue "Humble ...." line, but given the choices between A] No Questions Beforehand/Spontaneous Answers B] Questions Beforehand/Spontaneous Answers C] Questions Beforehand/Scripted Answers, the concensus seems to be C.


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