22 Mar 2012

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The Tebow Jets trade. Fireman Ed and all the other superfan cunts.
Kevin Smith briefly pops in. EPIX, Mr Goalie and the Book of Mormon.
The new Imus impression is here. Free speech assault and Jim is hot on the trail of white self-loathing and insidious racist condescension.
Bob Kelly in studio. Jizztrees. Ant's gun license paperwork is due. Cum guzzling and shower antics. Florentine phones in to talk football.
Reno recreation. Guns and Ammo. Shatner's syrup is widely praised.

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Bawby stays on with Travis and Danny for the Tech Talk Shit Show.


  1. Thanks for getting these up so quick, you are the best!

    1. "Hey Upload McGillicuddy", that's what they shout at me.

    2. Don't forget "Hey sweater boy upload cutie"

  2. Any day I don't read the name of uber dickwad, Sam, I know it's going to be a good day. Can't wait for the day he's fired.

  3. Lol, syrup and figs...


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