14 Mar 2012

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Dial-up, criss-cross, getting away with it and the Hanson rollercoaster. Dance moms... hot! Lil' Jimmy lands. Fashion trends in the community.
Mike Baker, all the usual shitholes and quagmires discussed.
A double barrel 1911 is mocked. Happy Birfday Jimmy. The sports-talk monkey jock fired. Stooges slaps, smacks and pokes. Time ravages the Magic Garden. Greased lightning and zooming.
Celebrities are better than regular people. A Secret Service Wikipedia article is skimmed. Ant remains obsessed with the big clay head.

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The state of contemporary popular country music is examined. Troy and Sam put the boots to screener Paul.


  1. Long days and pleasant nights to you!

  2. While I appreciate both yours & Haze's immeasureably valuable services, I like your onablog much much better as I don't have to jump through 3 flaming, moving hoops to get to the goodies.

    Also, I DON'T care for the uncalled-for shots Haze takes at you now & again.

  3. Neither of these links will work on my android... :/ any hulkshare? That one seems to always work.

    1. Hulkshare has added YouTube style audio fingerprinting for copyright.

      A Shit Show where they played big chunks fo music from a week or two ago got flagged (and the file marked private), and today I'd guess some of the Grease songs they were listening to caused the upload to be blocked.

      Slightly surprised the main link doesn't work for you, it is a pretty straight and clean link to the file, no messing about.
      In the past what other sites usually work-out for you, (Mediafire, Hotfile???) we can try uploading it there and see if you can grab it?


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