30 May 2012

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Opie loves the Hasidic Jew, wife probably less so. Then tense up your bollocks, the new Russian videos are in. It's Smörgåsbord radio time: Babybirds, cockbulges, roofs of the world, coons and tiger pussy rules.
Shitty soundtracks, Madonna, and the Zimmerman don't give a fuck.
Jimmy met Ice T in the corridor. Trump and Wolf. Hatfield and McCoy.
Zombietime. A rumour. Extended Lego talk, Erock slips out the noose. Waiting for boxer Micky Ward, in the interim some unscheduled Ice T.

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Gregg, Tony and Jim stay on for the Shit Show to replay the tape, and Jonathan is here too, he's obsessed. Toumani Diabaté gets played too.


  1. Thanks, dude. Much appreciated.

  2. Is it just me or is Opie becoming more annoying every day? He just talks over everyone and tells unfunny stories and spews his stupid ideas.

    1. Shut up already with the fucking haters!!!

      If you knew ANYTHING, you'd know the show itself was much better before Sirius started killing it. Go cry into a pillow while you scream how much you hate Op.


    3. It's not just you Metalnick.

      He is really a moron--or he's brilliant at playing one.

      Listening to him work through an idea or thought relative to Anthony and Jim is agonizing.

      Here's a sample of Opie's contribution to this show:

      (Opie): "Wait, is a rat considered a rodent? I know they eat garbage and stuff and the NYC rats have FAHHKIN' huge feet, but I don't know if they are, like, actual rodents in the eyes of scientists."

      (Ant): I think they're---

      (Opie, almost yelling over Ant): "I MEAN I GET THAT they are small lil' furry creatures that eat garbage and stuff, but do you think they are considered rodents by the science guyssss?"


      In the words of Jimmy, it's ENRAGING.

    4. I made that exchange up but now I'm convinced that it actually happened at some point.

    5. Opie spends most of the time whining about something and even has that same whiny tone of voice when he isn’t complaining. It’s awful… That being said, he does a good job of moving the show along which is good b/c when it’s just left up to Ant things tend to get a little stale

      Also: David is my hero

    6. @MrSerialX I don't hate Opie, but it's pretty evident that in the past year he has been trying to dominate the show way more than he ever did. When the show was still on FM there were segments when he didn't utter a single word; now, in the past year or two, he constantly interrupts people, constantly repeats himself, and tries to explain his illogical beliefs. He's much better when he guides the show.

  3. AnonymousMay 30, 2012

    Haters gonna hate the haters who are gonna hate I guess.

    1. I did not hate this comment at all. Well executed.

  4. AnonymousMay 30, 2012

    your work is appreciated brah

    1. Cheers biz baby.

      Your sync-jobs, especially the epic Patrice O'Neal at the movies was the inspiration for me knocking out some O&A videos.

      Working my way through the latest packet of 100 beats, while enjoying the artwork: www.biz20.biz/. Top quality gear.

      All the best, Billy,


  5. Ice T is such a dope guest. He is awesome everytime he comes on.


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