12 Jul 2012

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Jimless. Time Warner and a presumptuous painting. Compound West is a junkyard. Hudson and the coon. Harley and scab warm nostalgia.
The nostalgia keeps flowing with treeforts, igloos and breadbags.

Lovable big galoot Rich Vos is here. Insists he is not a micro-surgeon. Muni meters and the cunts at city-hall. Crack stories and golf clubs. Time for another lap around the ol' pawn store and storage shows.
Coke in the butt. Boys play Columbo on Robert Blake. Tom Cotter is dissected. Vos's cock sucking podcast. Obamacare. Lazlow phones in.

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No Shit Show today, young Samuel is at Comical Con.


  1. lol at vos's eyes blinking.

  2. Goooooooood mornin'

  3. This is me whenever I'm reminded that Jimmy isn't in studio:


    But, I love me some retarded Vos. Thank you David.

  4. No sam, BOOOO
    Thanks david

  5. David, I've been meaning to ask you: As one whose prose is consistently flawless, does it drive you up the wall every time you hear the boys use the words 'vagary' and 'dullard' incorrectly? They've been doing it for years now. I'm sure you know that vagary has nothing to do with vague talk or mixed signals, and dullards are not people who are dull and boring.

    And by the way, I think there was even one time where Anthony mixed up the word tantamount and said the word catamount instead.

    1. dullard-A slow or stupid person
      ie. you

    2. It's interesting to me how all 3 of them have a commonly shared vocabulary that isn't commonly used outside of the show. A lot of there fans tend to use these words too. Not saying its a bad thing but it's interesting. Dullard and vagary are definitely two. Also dolt, who says that? I've caught myself using it. And 'ad nauseum' that one particularly annoys me. Just an observation.

      RIP Steve C holy shit.

  6. thanx for all your hard work and time. Vos' eyes are freakin me out....

  7. Thanks buddy.

    RIP Steve C.

  8. Steve C's passing really sucks. While Sam loves to shit-stur his actions, Steve really wasn't a bad guy. I feel bad for his wife and daughter.


  9. RIP Steve C.. such sad news. For all the shit he took over the years on the show, he provided just as many laughs.

    Thanks, David.


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