31 Jul 2012

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No Jimmy. Diver fat cock and various watersports. More ponderous Olympic-based shite to wade through. 'Keep it fair, keep it fair.'
Here be dragons! Science of sleep: Jim's here, fresh from his petri dish. Short rapey break, and some tape of Artie Lange having a messy piss.
John Sterling, a cunt. Colin Quinn, a twitter-superhero. Olympic break resuscitation attempt, it dies on table. Sam's Bestchester Food Fayre.

Ari Shaffir in studio. Shrooms, acid, warporn. Naughty Jews, bronze age regulations, and hot Israeli chicks. 'In The Ghetto'. Gamble-tales.

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Ari stays with Sam awhile. Zeets turns up to put angry Sal in his place.


  1. YAY my favorite Jew Ari is in studio.

    thanks David

  2. You know what? Thanks, that's what.

    1. Wow, I didn't read enough of the description to realize that Jim Norton would make an appearance. When I heard him walk through those doors... boy, talk about a surprise.

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  4. that williamsburg flea market roland mentioned has amazing food. it's not some shit hole flea market that sells 2nd hand garbage. anthony thinks that all of brooklyn is just flash mobs of black kids shooting people up.


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