16 Jul 2012

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Coffee trouble. Opie and Erock were at Steve C's wake. Jim and Sam join in with some of their favorite bear flavored memories and stories.
Some Harry Chapin to lighten the mood. Curfew gives fat Roland the opportunity to waste time with Springsteen chat. Tosh rape polemic.
Linsanity no more, Castle Nagel party. Flying to San Diego on shitty airlines. Mrs Roberts is putting it about a bit. The Comical Con happs.
Suck on that Twizzler. Number two toilet routine and Jim's arse-magic. A little preview of Chip testing the boundaries of social convention.

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Troy tells us at excessive length why he couldn't be at Nagel's party.


  1. Thank you good sir...the amount of times I said YESSSSSSSSSSSSS where no one else knew what I was talking about was astounding...RIP Buddy...

  2. Started listening to Ron + Fez on a regular basis - I have a question that is killing me. Why doesn't Fez talk?

    1. Cuz he has -nothing- to say.

    2. His name needs to be removed from top billing. Is it a result of some breakdown that has been alluded to? Im listening to all their best ofs from last week and im just thinking to myself is he retarded or what.

    3. Exactly. Have you listened to the "my cat can talk" episode yet? He talks quite a lot in that one, but it's mostly the same word.
      youtube.com/watch?v=_WPvu9k680E , in case you haven't.

      And thank you, David.

    4. My understanding is that Fezzie's father passed unexpectedly a couple years ago, and Fez has struggled to cope with the loss ever since.

      But when Fez came out of the closet a few months ago, lots of listeners speculated that it wasn't his father's passing, but his own closeted homosexuality, that was eating away at him and keeping him from doing good radio this whole time.

      But now that he's openly gay and the typical mourning period for a family death has long since passed, the R&F faithful have near-unanimously concluded that Fezzie has been battling serious mental issues alone for far too long and needs to seek professional help.

      I think I have the gist of the story right. I don't listen to R&F, so somebody please correct me if I'm wrong at all.

    5. Ok well that makes a bit more sense I guess? Feel sorry for the guy. Its a good show. Ronnie B is really knowledgeable about music and movies and is funny as fuck. That bit that David posted a few weeks ago about the hot dawg hand job lady was fucking amazing. It smashed the bit that O&A did on her. Pepper is cool too.

    6. Well, he's obviously a nutcase idiot manchild, but how much sympathy you have for him will be dictated by how much you also believe he enjoys luxuriating in the attention and grief that being mentally ill brings him.
      He loves nothing more than being the topic under consideration, and chooses to have nothing to with anyone when the subject is not mad Fez.
      He chooses not to get out of his own way, or make any changes ... just because his head is gone, doesn't mean he can't also be a selfish prick at the same time too.

      Ronnie B is the daddy, the big boss man, the √úbermensch of smart talk radio. Pepper's got a tricky gig, he can't cramp Ron's alpha style, so needs to work round the edges ... but he's great at it:


    7. Funny. I was listening to the best of and Ron & Pep where talking about drugs, zombies and the end of the world and Ron said something about being crocodile rocked to sleep or something I dunno - cant even remember the bit but I know I almost died. He is a genius tho. Time to start a ronaldandpep.blogspot?

  3. I am too excited for today's show. I usually listen to a song or two beforehand, and today I'm going to listen to The Kooks' "Junk of the Heart (Happy)", it's the perfect song for the occasion.


  4. Funny and sad at the same time. RIP martini steve.

  5. This is great, thanks! Is there a site with R&F episodes?


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