3 Jul 2012

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Nopie. Illegal fireworks of yesteryear fondly recalled.
Jim gave himself a brain rage hemorrhage. Ant begins his Scientology research project. Auditing Cruise and the inforfuckingmation.
Bobby Kelly is here. A Vegas trip anticipated. Old men practicing the sweet science. Scrapping and stomping. Jim and hats, always hats.
A sociologist's face gets scrutinized. Westworld and a Proustian rush. Sam's wrestling break. Belts and bosons. Shemales and brown chicks.

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Bawby phones Sambo, an ass-raping on the cards. Kevin the fuck-up. An investigation is launched and guilty parties identified.


  1. Aaah lovely, another Nopie show :) thank you sir

  2. Thanks for getting this up quick.

  3. thankz.

    will you be uploading the worst of's? only reason i ask is cuz i got a long car ride that will be made much more enjoyable with a little radio gold

    1. Not sure yet ... the shows will all be worst of 2012, which is maybe redundant as all of the 2012 content is already posted here.

      Main decider will be internet connection. My cable broadband was out all day today, and today's shows were streamed, recorded and uploaded using mobile broadband and a cell-phone tower. A process not without minor complications and expense.

      If I have a reliable and easy cable connection, it probably won't hurt to record and post some Worst Of.
      If I don't, then probably makes more sense to skip these shows, and keep the mobile data allowance in reserve for future recording of live shows.

    2. You've earned a vacation buddy, enjoy it.

    3. ya dude, no worries - thanks a lot and enjoy your vacation!

  4. Ohhh Bobby Lovingham. Great show. Thank you, a-sirrrrrrr.

  5. little jimmy on sherrod small & jim florentine's youtube show


  6. sam
    wrestling talk
    please make it stop

  7. i will take opie talking about his kid, his crazy mother, and how much he hates management for hours on end over that half breed babbling about wrestling.


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