21 Aug 2012

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Other celebrated show liars recalled. H E double hockey sticks. Roses and fugitives: 100million hack brought to you by Chili's. Quint galore.

The new Augusta laydees. Two fresh vaginas for a club full of cunts. Collection of weapons grade dullards on the phone. Smails galore.
Litigation and the pussification. AAPL - Jim learns all about leverage. Phyllis Diller clips get compared. Brady disco variety visual element.
Bill Burr phoner to pimp, fuck that, let's talk Bullock. Paranoid voyage of the electromagnetic spectrum. Boston video. Jim is a lil depressed.

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Roland heavy Shit Show, fans of mush-mouthed mongoloids rejoice.


  1. Perfect timing, sir. Already this show sounds 100x better than yesterday's overkill. Bill Burr calling in? I'm there.

  2. thanks David,
    just started to watch to Bills new special as well

  3. Bill Burr commenting on Bullok yes pleaseee!

  4. is anyone going to be posting the 'Lying' special this weekend?

  5. Haha the Robert Shaw stuff is great.

  6. "...fans of mush-mouthed mongoloids rejoice"

    I mean, how can anyone NOT love something with this description. Rejoice I did.


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