30 Aug 2012 - Worst Of

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Brian Johnson interviewed. Beatles documentaries, with Jim Jefferies. Bert Kreischer and some of his stories. Dane Cook and Call Of Duty.
Evolution, retard animals and Monty Hall. Original Sin, symbolism and a caller. Joe Rogan: Peter Schiff video, credulous pot-talk, double-slits.
More Rogan. Heyyy! Henry Winkler is here, Jimmy takes a bad photo. The cast of Book Of Mormon talk about assisted-reality TV.


  1. anyone know what documentary anthony is talking about when he brings up the age of the earth?

    1. Don't know what Ant was watching, but 'Earth Story' is excellent and is a long-time favorite.

      All 8 parts are posted on YouTube.


  2. Where in the hell did Joe Rogan get that brain of his? I used to watch him on News Radio and he was funny, but OMG soooo intelligent about Earth and the entire solar system, etc...and he RETAINS the information he has learned. Impressive.


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