Davey Mac Program

Recording East Side Dave's XM show for the past few weeks, might as well be posting it. Coupla hours, once a week, that's very doable.
Oliver Stone's alligator-based racism and Imagine reimagined. Roping Cousin Brucie into a Pepper Hicks child pornography intervention and corn-on-the-cob holder holders. JoePa explanation game, Lowrider. Fisting a cheeky waitress to death whilst Woody Allen is cannibalized.


  1. Oh my god this shit is fucking hilarious!

  2. Imagine reimagined was amazing. I would download these uploads but of course I have already heard them. R&F + Davey Mac > O&A.

    1. Ya R&F is the greatest. It's going to be hard to get recordings of the show now, so I am going to start recording myself. Anyone interested email me. meximus at live . com

    2. You should perhaps consider starting a blog to post your recordings. Free, reliable and simple.

      I don't have the time to record both O&A and R&F, but if you do start posting your recordings somewhere, let me know and I'll happily include a link to any blog and give it a plug.

  3. Thanks for posting! I've been listening for a while... you can get the podcast at riotcast.com, but I always miss the Saturday show.



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