13 Jun 2012

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NBA Game 1 and Paul Williams. Hanoi Jane's vagina speculated upon. Bloomberg's still an asshole. A cold hot-food difference of opinion.
Cannibal aftermath. Henry Hill and more goodfellas. Pertussis pitstop. Plump-up for Sandusky soapy shenanigans - apologists queue-up.
Log problem. Mr Rickles gets clipped for time. An Abe Lincoln secret.

Valley Jim entertains us while we wait for Fallon to turn up to plug some cash-in hunk of shite or another. Is that 'Baby Elephant Walk'?
Show ends early-ish, boys don't come back from last break.

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Sambo is furious with other people horning-in on his Jepsen action. Whoo Kid is tasked to find thugs for O&A. Erock is a shitty bastard.


  1. Ohhhhh, GOOD FOR YOU!

  2. I'd rather 3 hours of Valley Jim over one interview with Jimmy fucking Fallon. C'mon Roland.. really?!

    Thanks, duder.

    1. Shut the fuck up already. Every fucking day. Do you always have to comment? You're a fucking annoying idiot.

    2. One has to admit that 1c93c0b2-9a73-11e1-9efd-000bcdca4d7a is an amazing username.

      Try typing that shit right in one try!

      Also, thanks Dave!!!

  3. You know, David, I bet Sandusky wouldn't have made you blow him. Definitely not from lack of desire, but out of extreme respect. Play on, playa.


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