29 Jun 2012

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Fallout from yesterday, lots of the exes be texting. New Spiderman franchise is reviewed, poor old Zito. Magic Mike is keenly anticipated.
Phoney Ann Curry, and her two bad knees, gets herself bagged-up. Regis is out of control. Football chit-chat, then Dr Gay shows-up.

Pat Benatar gets Def Leppard'd. Strap-in as Opie tackles astronomy. In my office Cunningham. Life is meaningless, so more dream-raping.
Fat fuck Roland uses a satelite radio show to stuff his gut.
Sauce guys don't burn enough time ... so an announcement is made.

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More on the announcement. Zito in studio. Infuriating Kevin probed.


  1. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  2. ant's canadian

    girl who was in studio with ant yesterday

    1. With exception of Stetten, he sure does like a butter face.

    2. Does Ant ever date any girls that fall outside of a very narrow set of physical characteristics? It's one thing to date only white girls, and maybe only brunette white girls, but these girls all look exactly the fucking same down to facial structure. It's kind of odd.

      And like the rest this new girl is obviously a big O&A fan(and she appears to be 4chan scum as well).

      I'm not sure what ChasingRainbows is talking about. Have you seen the pic of Ant with a stack of cash and Melissa leaning over him? It's Gollum-irific!

    3. I have not seen this photo. Link?

      I don't think Stetten is gorgeous, but IMO she's a cute girl.

    4. Is the new one 17? I was trolling twitter and i saw she tweeted she was 17.

      I'm 29 and i wouldn't even date a 17.

    5. He did suggest he wanted to take a 17 y/o to Sam's wedding....so yeah, that's probably a safe bet. Ant is a disturbed individual, which creepy as it may be, makes for fantastic radio.

    6. it's funny how when you hear high profile people talk about fucking tons of chicks, you just kinda assume that the quality of the girls is just as high as the quality. clearly that's not the case with ant.

  3. jimmy with adam carolla

  4. AnonymousJune 29, 2012

    i love opie trying to understand space

  5. You have no idea how much this is apprciated and helps me get through a double shift. you rock man.


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