27 Jun 2012

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Jimmyless. Nora Ephron and that whole e-mail craze. A pre-internet time remembered, Kojak. Old fashioned cinema versus Sam's lil TVs.
Animal extinction update. Mayor's air. Wrestler extinction update. NBA and free speech. Kenny helps out. Ant charged with hypocrisy?

Mike Baker in studio. His avatar discussed. Wants to talk about leaks.
Opie's audio guessing game struggles for traction, and then big shits. Generation of indulged children fretted over. Wease on the hotline.

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Whoo Kid and 50cal weight inquiry. More on spoiled brats.


  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    WTF happen to the days when Jimmy was out that a comic would sit in???

    Prevents shitty Opie bits for the most part.

    God i miss the shows that would go long if a guest or bit was going well. Now days they can't fukin wait to leave

    Thanks for the upload like always

    1. They went long today ... but I don't think anyone except Opie has ever used the words 'Brother Wease on the phone' and 'going well' in the same sentence.

  2. Gonna be late for work but my boss will understand....he too is a fan of the show....YOU RULE!.... thank you David my David

  3. lol I hate brother wease he is just as bad as scortch prehaps even more delusional

  4. @8d76 ....

    The whole show is a "WTF [Fill-In-The-Blank]" now ....

    All they do is bitch & whine & moan how they can't do this or they can't do that anymore because of the suits/lawyers.

    Oh yeah?!?

    The suits & the lawyers said you can't do a roast anymore -- similar to the ones for Vos & Norton -- which constitutes some of tne BEST radio ever?

    Let's face it -- they haven't cared about the show in a looong while.

    All they do is go through the numbers -- racism/taxes/music/staff "conflicts"/corporate woes -- and just bullshit thier way from one contract term to the next

  5. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    any show without jim i sigh with disapointment

  6. little jimmy was on jim jefferies podcast yesterday (not yet uploaded), will be on rogan and jay leno today, and adam carolla, jay mohr, and alison rosen's podcasts tomorrow.

  7. I will think you again, good sir. May your cock and balls be coddled by expensive hookers painted in gold whilst being doused in the finest champagne (just so you know I am mispronouncing it à la Zapp Brannigan.) as you relentlessly copulate in an orgy-like fashion.

  8. Mike Baker is seriously one of my favourite guests on the show.

    Opie fucking derailed it massively towards the end...echk.

  9. When Patrice died - So did O&A. Opie's Bobo Ban the next death.
    And with 200 new 'jizz comedian' podcasts then who can care when its hour after hour of jizz-eating, jizz, cumzies, what each other's cocks are jizzing etc.
    And finally, Opie just blatantly smashing his toy again. for an hour (felt like 2 hours) and was it necessary for him to 'punish' everyone with that last hour? Did people deserve that? Who's being 'taught a lesson' with that poop-cutting hour?


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