20 Jun 2012

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Day 3: It's hot in the city. Superannuated burdens, pumping, sucking. Bestest shemales. History X dinnertime sounds familiar and A.B.C.
Homo-erotic high school horseplay with the hot intern. Grabbin dicks. Hammertime means Pumps and a Bump. AJ Poopieschitz channelled.
Twitter. Sandusky tape, NBC chops-up audio like a mad cunt. Wawa.
Shitting in the dark. ESD's cubicle antics and Master Po is ridiculed. Rodney King 911 tape is played. Shitty magic ponderously revealed.

Harvey "The Punisher" Weinstein in studio. The business of show.

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Danny, Roland and Erik tell us about the times they shit themselves.


  1. Thanks again. Unrelated, but how did I only find this O&A clip today? This is friggin hilarious.


  2. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    Thanks for the upload.

    Another great non-opie day.

    1. Don't listen to the show and every day is a non-opie day.

    2. Boom. Deal with it he says. Good.

    3. What and miss Cumia & Norton gold? I don't think so. I was thinking when they do that live show where they sing all the Dru Boogie songs live (Bowling for Behave, Mimi Beardsley, Me Me Meee, Laugh Your Tears Away) what is Opie gunna sing? Oh thats right nothing coz he isn't funny.

    4. He can sing "I Din't Do Shit" to the tune of Waltzing Matilda...

  3. Show sucks ass without Opie

  4. AnonymousJune 21, 2012

    lol, yeah i miss opie crying about the bosses and cutting into the funny shit Ant and Yimmy are talking about..................

  5. That bit where they talked American History X was awesome. I loved that line about "Have Bobo call in and interrupt the dinner and you've got our show."


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