14 Jun 2012

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Egghead interaction. Poor old Dave Douglas remembered and the old days of terrestrial radio. NBA lottery hoo-ha and the envelopes.
Erock is lambasted. Madonna and Bud Selig both get on Jimmy's tits.
Sandusky transcripts. Big fat rickshaw tip. Anthony goes out on a limb and Troy swallows Beach Boys hype whole. Bacon sundaes in studio.

Sam prevents a format flip. Old MTV is explained to the youngsters. Hunt is on for gayest 80s music video ... the past is a foreign country.

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Sam induces an intern to forego his Adderall. Dr Steve on the blower.


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    1. Do ya have any friends that'll eat my ass?

  2. Thanks for the quick upload!

  3. You're one of the good ones pal.

  4. Thanks for this man, changed my life.

  5. Great and absurdly fast as always Dave.

    Thanks man.


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