25 Jun 2012

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Drone mishap. Opes reports back from the State Fair. Faggot DM and long-nosed vagina. Kenny's intern trouble and Jimmy's sexy avatar. Uncle Kevvy rocks the mic and wrecks shop. Creampie Jones product.
Kirk Douglas audio. Sandusky's story nears its conclusion. Hateable lawyer is hateable. A statement is read. Dottie gets a beating.
Sam ruins everything. The Jackson kids' parents hunted. Beast fucking loopholes and exclusives. Ant sure knows a lot about age of consent.
Norton's rancid colon. 650 large for infuriating bus lady monstrosity.

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Intern Kevin continues to be a congenital disaster. Sam is delighted.


  1. O&A some funny niggas, tho

  2. Thanks for another quick upload.

  3. Thanks for the upload! Always appreciated!

  4. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    Thanks man.
    I was hoping to see Rogan with Jimmy over the weekend. NO GO
    I'm guessing he is going back to Cali before the special.

  5. Does anyone know when Rogan is planning on releasing his special? I know he wanted to do the whole $5 online thing, but didn't he tape it more than two months ago?

  6. little jimmy is going to be on leno wednesday. maybe he'll be on rogan the same day. he usually does adam carolla's podcast and i think he mentioned wanting to do jay mohr's. the latest bob kelly podcast just got released today with jim.


  7. He mentioned on his Reddit AMA that he intends to head to Joe's right after taping Leno on Wednesday as oandasternclips suggested.

    1. thank for the reminder about reddit, i had forget about that.


    2. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

      Thanks for the reminder.

      "Is there something preventing Artie from appearing on O&A?"

      I like that question. Jimmy seems to have skipped over that one.

    3. Yeah, they skipped over it when he was on RawDog with Jimmy, DiPaolo, and Attell.

  8. Replies
    1. I hate my own generation so much. The future is fucked.

  9. Thanks, dude.. for this and the others I haven't had the time to comment on.


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