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29 Jun 2012 - R&F

▶ 2012-06-29-RF-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src

Usually I bail-out when Fez acts up, but had to monitor the recording. The sooner that maniac falls down a Sirius elevator shaft ... fuck me.
Dopey Black Earl sits in for Pepper Hicks. No live Ron & Fez next week

29 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-29-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Fallout from yesterday, lots of the exes be texting. New Spiderman franchise is reviewed, poor old Zito. Magic Mike is keenly anticipated.
Phoney Ann Curry, and her two bad knees, gets herself bagged-up. Regis is out of control. Football chit-chat, then Dr Gay shows-up.

Pat Benatar gets Def Leppard'd. Strap-in as Opie tackles astronomy. In my office Cunningham. Life is meaningless, so more dream-raping.
Fat fuck Roland uses a satelite radio show to stuff his gut.
Sauce guys don't burn enough time ... so an announcement is made.

▶ 2012-06-29-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
More on the announcement. Zito in studio. Infuriating Kevin probed.

28 Jun 2012 - R&F

▶ 2012-06-28-RF-CF64k.mp3
Looks like it was a struggle to find a copy of today's Ron Bennington.
I recorded it, so have posted it here. Will do the same on Friday.

Not a permanant arrangement ... can't really commit to this and O&A. Fortunately Ron & Pepper are off next week, so that buys some time.

28 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-28-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src

Jay, Justin, Jerry and J Fox. Then some of Anthony's speciality websites. Wee head ruling the big head: Castle Cumia new pussy soap opera. The wisdom of Ant's exhausting conflict avoidance strategy is queried. We go deep on the exes, the phones, the lawyers and the teeth.
Born in '90 stops everyone in their tracks. Radiohead and Pearl Jam. O&A firmly believe that everyone should be forced to play the hits.
4th July plans kicked about. Boardwalk Taliban. The Chinatown clams. Internet continues to confound Sam. Mashup Nicole is a disaster.

▶ 2012-06-28-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Today's first break is lauded by Sam. Kevin is mentally defective and is dismissed from the studio, a relief, no, means that cunt Troy rolls in.

27 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-27-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Jimmyless. Nora Ephron and that whole e-mail craze. A pre-internet time remembered, Kojak. Old fashioned cinema versus Sam's lil TVs.
Animal extinction update. Mayor's air. Wrestler extinction update. NBA and free speech. Kenny helps out. Ant charged with hypocrisy?

Mike Baker in studio. His avatar discussed. Wants to talk about leaks.
Opie's audio guessing game struggles for traction, and then big shits. Generation of indulged children fretted over. Wease on the hotline.

▶ 2012-06-27-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Whoo Kid and 50cal weight inquiry. More on spoiled brats.

26 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-26-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src

Opie thinks gang-rapists are amazing. Anthony is put into the redline by YouTube juxtaposition: uncouth thuglife and queasy white guilt.
Rammstein and Elvis. Audio of Louis CK doing TV. Ron Guidry footage hunted for. More Sterling nonsense and sportswriters being dicks.
Hurricanes and such. Silva's beefy conference call transcript gets read.
Ant has zero time for guys who cheat on models with teenage girls. Tyson. The travails of Oprah's network. Little House on the Prairie.

▶ 2012-06-26-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sam and Whoo Kid explore the issues raised by 'Thuggin It & Lovin It'

25 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-25-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Drone mishap. Opes reports back from the State Fair. Faggot DM and long-nosed vagina. Kenny's intern trouble and Jimmy's sexy avatar. Uncle Kevvy rocks the mic and wrecks shop. Creampie Jones product.
Kirk Douglas audio. Sandusky's story nears its conclusion. Hateable lawyer is hateable. A statement is read. Dottie gets a beating.
Sam ruins everything. The Jackson kids' parents hunted. Beast fucking loopholes and exclusives. Ant sure knows a lot about age of consent.
Norton's rancid colon. 650 large for infuriating bus lady monstrosity.

▶ 2012-06-25-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Intern Kevin continues to be a congenital disaster. Sam is delighted.

22 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-22-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Opie says he stinks. Out and about in K-Town. Bus lady is rolling in it. 'Show em how to do it buddy'. Special hug counter. Entenmanns.
LeBron and the Heat. Scanners. Ant can't get enough of cat videos. Sam instigates a backlash - cause du jours and the media circus.

Joe DeRosa is here. Adoption and abandonment and all that hoo-haa.
Radio is tough on the lugs. Meat tactics and eat till you throw-up. Gary, the management asshole, walks by. Tammy Pescatelli in studio. Some ladies get bashed. Prison justice speculation. Burr impressions.

▶ 2012-06-22-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sammy gets stiffed for time, and he had a guest booked too. Jeff Dye from a smarter than average MTV prank show plugs his live dates.

21 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-21-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Summertime. Louie screeners, Corgan's publicist holds a grudge and Imus shitty email. Carolla opinion. Mortality. Bus monitor got abused.

Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins ... Homer Simpson, smiling politely.
The Dudley family, 'Fucking lame bro'. Tribulations of Warren Sapp. Anthony's gotta little drone, area Asian daughters better be wary.
Warren Sapp quickly bonds with Ant over the ex. Bit of light CBT. Old football stories and bounties. Baseball bashed and Tebow pondered.

▶ 2012-06-21-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Corgan interview discussed by Vedder fans, and fat Roland on a bike.

20 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-20-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Day 3: It's hot in the city. Superannuated burdens, pumping, sucking. Bestest shemales. History X dinnertime sounds familiar and A.B.C.
Homo-erotic high school horseplay with the hot intern. Grabbin dicks. Hammertime means Pumps and a Bump. AJ Poopieschitz channelled.
Twitter. Sandusky tape, NBC chops-up audio like a mad cunt. Wawa.
Shitting in the dark. ESD's cubicle antics and Master Po is ridiculed. Rodney King 911 tape is played. Shitty magic ponderously revealed.

Harvey "The Punisher" Weinstein in studio. The business of show.

▶ 2012-06-20-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Danny, Roland and Erik tell us about the times they shit themselves.

19 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-19-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
No Opie, Nopie, he's still shitting his arse out.

Gay icons and bath-houses. Getting a chick's pants off. Bob Kelly here. Blown fuses, commitment and keeping it fresh. Prometheus fuck-ups.
Ant's holocaust briefly recalled. Sandusky's schedule. Juiced baseball wasn't bad. Horseballectomy. Cock for dinner? Sea creatures abused. À la recherche du temps perdu...young Anthony's diorama memories.
Lockers and shakedowns. An intervention and Bob's shitty little boat.
Publicist cunts. Earl's predictable tweets. Arsenio engima. Comicalcon. Norton thinks all black people look the same, and he was a bad seed.

▶ 2012-06-19-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Young Sam trawls for more high school douchechill trauma.

18 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-18-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
No Opie, equals Sam galore. Sam's wrestling break used to abuse a whipped Erock. Sam fucking Jess bareback. Sam the anthropologist.
In memoriam: Rodney King. Trolling twitter tards. Ant then thinks about his dad. Joey Buttlicker's party trick and Concho Pete's big dick.
Bill Moushey has a new book about Sandusky, let's go to the phones.
Catch-up on all Ant's pawnshop TV shows. Screener failure leads to phone hilarity. Nudie celebs and little dog abuse. Jimmy's Cribs vid. 
Traditional show wrap-up: Korean squid spermatophore story.

▶ 2012-06-18-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Phone Bobbi to see if she is proud of Sam. Interns are interrogated.

I'm Still Standing

(14 Jun 2012). In a tour of gayest 80s videos, the b'b'boys enjoy some Elton John and friends dancing in the South of France.

The Christmas Lights

'...the hammerhead flew-off and broke a window' - fuckin' Jimmy.

15 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-15-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The business of the publicity business. Opester saw some new Louie. Figure out when to park? Working girl transportation. Roland not fine.

Strap on your tethers as the pussification continues, very fridening. Rocket cars and high wire acts. Tattle-tale on TV sets off Uncle Paul.
Television abuses some old musicians. Bieber abuses our sensibilities. Tickle-me Sandusky. Brian Wilson wheeled around for entertainment.
Sandusky transcript ... in rhyme. Partners in failure: Erock and clips, Bobo and phones. Afghan helmetcam video. More hijinx from Kenny.

▶ 2012-06-15-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Kevin the odd intern is probed. Whoo Kid assists the investigation.

14 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-14-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Egghead interaction. Poor old Dave Douglas remembered and the old days of terrestrial radio. NBA lottery hoo-ha and the envelopes.
Erock is lambasted. Madonna and Bud Selig both get on Jimmy's tits.
Sandusky transcripts. Big fat rickshaw tip. Anthony goes out on a limb and Troy swallows Beach Boys hype whole. Bacon sundaes in studio.

Sam prevents a format flip. Old MTV is explained to the youngsters. Hunt is on for gayest 80s music video ... the past is a foreign country.

▶ 2012-06-14-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sam induces an intern to forego his Adderall. Dr Steve on the blower.

13 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-13-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
NBA Game 1 and Paul Williams. Hanoi Jane's vagina speculated upon. Bloomberg's still an asshole. A cold hot-food difference of opinion.
Cannibal aftermath. Henry Hill and more goodfellas. Pertussis pitstop. Plump-up for Sandusky soapy shenanigans - apologists queue-up.
Log problem. Mr Rickles gets clipped for time. An Abe Lincoln secret.

Valley Jim entertains us while we wait for Fallon to turn up to plug some cash-in hunk of shite or another. Is that 'Baby Elephant Walk'?
Show ends early-ish, boys don't come back from last break.

▶ 2012-06-13-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Sambo is furious with other people horning-in on his Jepsen action. Whoo Kid is tasked to find thugs for O&A. Erock is a shitty bastard.

12 Jun 2012

Wistful Streetview. Ant's night: from HNIC to HNIC. A reporter goes hummina-hummina. Hood Life consternation. Let's go to the phones.
Sensei Paul's file-trading associates all getting dropped left and right. 'Riff Raff Rocky Horror hairdo' redux. Frickle frackle ring a ding ding.
Snooki's puss delights Jim, gets worked-up, takes a shine to a tall girl. Sandusky showertime transcripts pored over. The Jay Mohrz phones.
Itchy t-shirt, celebs getting away with it and deep dish watery shite.

▶ 2012-06-12-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Uncle Paul on the hotline, and more intern telephone trouble.

11 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-11-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Dr Fuchs, good Yankee seats, and all the clang-clang superfan cunts. Intern interaction, Gary's stupid face and Nagel eyes the boss's seat.
Sensual discussion with a dope. Turkey nipples and skulls clattered. Rickles. Anthony makes Jim laugh. Fruity Sam enjoys the musicals.
John Sterling should catch an aneurysm. Chyp Waldman torments us.
Kevin Smith telephones. Takes Bindlestiffs under his wing. Be a man, do without agents, Bob Eatman shits himself. The cuckold Predators. The Smodcast business model is explained to potential podcasters.
Horse jizz confusion. 'As impotent as a Nevada boxing commissioner'.

▶ 2012-06-11-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Mr C on the hotline, wedding chatter, and Sam's hot mutant intern.

Global Pests - Part II

Click screenshot or click here for full-size, zoomable map.
Unique ip addresses that visited blog for one random day last week. Location data is best effort. 'Untraced' addresses are not plotted.
Map is just for fun, accurate geolocation is tricky, especially wireless ... but it sort of looks right, no major surprises, and a nice diversity. Finland and Norway look low, Blogger reports them a little higher.
Site is doing, on average, around 5000 downloads per show. Cheers.

8 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-08-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Opie sports curse alive and well. The hairline harvest. Live at the witch trials: courthouse bureaucracy. Sam's back, yaaay! And wedding gifts.

'That's me. I'm the Oklahoma kid. You fuckin' varmint! Dance. Dance'
TV News dehydrated highschool graduate and old-lady love buttons. Bob Welch solo song sing-song. Tentamen suicidii means big laughs.
It's Andy Samberg. Boys play nice over Sandler film. Much SNL chat. Sweet Jim film confusion. Zombies, growers and '85 AIDS humor.

▶ 2012-06-08-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Opie and Gregg Hughes both stay-on for a big ol' chunk of Shit Show. Sam then gets caught-up on what he missed-out on this week.

7 Jun 2012

Basics of Space Shuttle re-entry described by Ant. Oh oh ... jury doody. Locomotion special: Foot/Off, Air Yeezys and a dodgy Blade Runner. What kind of retard enjoys Katt Williams? A caller obviously.
Contempt looms. Juggling the bills. Mush mouth Menino is examined. Erock's shirt irritates. Jim on the couch. Another mayor is a dick too.
Kevin Pollak. SpaceX and Tesla. America's got orchestrated horseshit.
Jamie Hector. Riding in cars with the cops. Norton thinks he is Cazale. Reality royalty. MMA, massage, method and mountains moved.
Breeding, parenthood and shitty diapers. Commitment issues.

▶ 2012-06-07-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Danny and Travis talking paintball, don't all rush at once.

6 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-06-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Walker wins, a baby boy cries. Warm nostalgia for chunky technology. Gorilla for sale, Norton the futurist and Ant's hot rod at the drive-in.
Ice ice douchebag. Three old men talk late-80s pop rap. (Jazzy Jeff's transformer scratch is rudely ignored). Troy wastes some electricity.
The Schumer haters from yesterday can now repent at leisure as we enjoy the comedy radio stylings of Tom Papa. Thievery and larceny.
More white people not behaving. Roland is a very selfish fat fuck. Prometheus review. The boy Colin Hanks is here to plug a new film. Acting nonsense and music chat. The little-person stripper is recalled.

▶ 2012-06-06-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Danny and Travis try a Shit Show two-hander. Movies and games.

5 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-05-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Playoffs. Nostalgia interrupted: Me-TV, Pos-T-Vac leads to cock-rings. Local news is the fucking worst. The Enterprise gets smashed-up.
Endorsement malarkey, the bangs and bobs on this cunt. $100million. The Court report. Off-kilter 80s movie musical treats. 'Da-da-Dave'.
Miami 911 calls, zombie prank video, media gets into bath salt lather. Amy Schumer shows up in studio. Tale of taxi driver finger trouble.
More fuck chat. Opie's idiot photo. Yesterday's punches get rewound.
Ralph Macchio is here. Bubble Yum, Hopkins and the dance-machine.

Paul Williams Hung-Up

▶ OA Clip - Paul Williams Hung-Up On.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
A clip from Nov 2001, the last time Paul Williams was on the show.

Some vintage 'Opie The Destroyer', witness for yourself what he was capable of before time and SiriusXM broke his spirit. (12mins 23secs)

4 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-04-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Catch-up on play by play from the barn, Mr and Mrs Sam and Jess.
MTV Movie Awards, Adam Sandler's most recent lump of shit and the departed Richard Dawson. Distracted by a face-eating security tape.
Anthony Bourdain the cook is here to show-off his new comic book. Entertains an odd misapprehension as to the tenets of libertarianism.
Singer songwriter Paul Williams is the subject of a new documentary. 'Little Enos' is here to talk about substances, music royalties and golf.
To round-out guest day, MMA fighter Urijah 'The California Kid' Faber.
No Sam or Shit Show this week, so boys go a little long today.

1 Jun 2012

▶ 2012-06-01-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Liberty Media speculation, is Mel on the outs? Toilet-abusing savages. Emperor Bloomberg pimps a giant donut and Bush unveils a portrait.
Actor Chris Hemsworth in studio. Soaps, green-screen and accents.
Little cock, little people. Sam's new suit and the big wedding - Mr C plans project mayhem, gets text from East Side Dave. 'Oh no, Erock'.
Jonathan brings his pal Saad Mohseni in, he runs Afghanistani Tolo TV. And we're off for a quick lap round all your basic geopolitics.

▶ 2012-06-01-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
The interns continue to disappoint Sam. Well wishes and snowballs.