13 Dec 2012

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Baby boomer final gig. Bruce's cock, Sandler's song, Crystal's head. Erock makes the company look bad. Hollyweird loves a message.
More hairlines inspected. Buscemi and drunks. SNL is soft and bad.
A Stones sharp exit. Kanye doesn't care about elderly white people. Coldplay back-catalog. Bob vacates the crypt. McCartney and Grohl.

Quentin Tarantino in studio for an effortless chat about making films.

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A Madsen and Chip Worst Of, then back live. Erock is quite foolish. Sam and Sal talk about famous Japanese films. Li'l Jimmy is here too.


  1. oh no, I haven't listened yet, nopie?

  2. wait... is danny REALLY fired?

  3. No Opie is in: "Good morning, Me and Anthony had a fight and Danny is Fired" And then they skip over it ;)

  4. "Danny is fired" is just a bit they do whenever he's not in

  5. Sheepish Ant is awesome....

  6. Sam & Sal's analyses of asian cinema is about the most infuriating & mind-boggling shit I've heard in a while!

  7. Somewhere between 1:49:00 and 1:49:30 I believe Opie basically confirmed that he wasn't allowed in the past 3 days by Sirius, with the whole bashing of the agent not getting there in time for an "incident 3 days ago" that he will "discuss more at some point".

  8. They reference the reason Opie was out at 1 hour, 49 minutes and 24 seconds.

    Here's the transcript:
    Opie: We'll get into it eventually, but there was an issue this week and of course the agent shows up when it's pretty much fucking over.
    Ant: Ha, yeah! Just in the nick of time.
    Opie: So now we have to deal with him and make believe he's important, which I basically told him on the phone.
    Jim: He's actually here to visit Patrice in the hospital, that's how far behind he is.
    Opie: Why is he here? How about 3 days ago would have been nice.
    Jim: I don't know. He probably needed an excuse and has another client that he's trying to get.
    Ant: Right, he's gotta consolidate his trip.
    Jim: He has somebody for this spot. "Well, you know. I handle these guys..."
    Opie: And he ruined politics now.

  9. I have no idea.. but the laughs kinda seemed nervous.

    Danny's cool although it wouldn't be surprising.

  10. Could it be the One Direction thing( when Ope gave the details about the "secret show")? I believe it would be something that damn silly.

  11. is anyone else having a problem d/l from hulkshare? i click the link and it down direct d/l. it'll take me to the hulkshare site but then i can't click on download. any solutions?


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