La La La La - Live version

▶ 2012-12-19-LaLaLaLa (Live).mp3
Taken from last night's Sherwin Sleeves live performance on radio of his play 'Whisper, Pray, Make Room'. If you missed it, I imagine an mp3 will very soon appear on his website Atoms, Motion & The Void.
Send a link to Anthony, I am certain he will be most appreciative.

▶ 2010-12-06-RB-SleevesReview.mp3
Here's a clip from 2010 in which Ronnie B reviews the play.


  1. I like Sleeves. Anthony hates art. I can imagine Ant walking into a museum with two machine guns spraying bullets into sculptures. Tears coming down his face screaming 'why didnt you love me daddy why'.

    Its little things like this I am going to miss. Don't leave us David.

  2. Thanks for the miscellaneous stuff.

  3. Sleeves sounds old and sick ;__;

  4. the opening 90 seconds is disturbing....I love it

  5. great stuff, love Sleeves work. And thank you, we know this is work even if it's fun, you've helped give lots of folks thousands of hours of listening pleazzzshuuurre!

  6. Thanks for all the ronnie b extras..gunna miss this site a gunna drag now. P.s. any extra ron & fez stuff u could post on ur way out will be greatly appreciated.

  7. Did you design the audio player?

    1. Naah, it's just an embedded player from Hulkshare. I just had to style it orange.

      Reluctant to use them widely, they slow up loading the main page, and probably don't work on all devices, but one won't hurt, not for one song.


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