Patrice O'Neal

Download individual tracks:
▶ 01 - Patrice's attire. Leonard Rhomberg. Announcement.
▶ 02 - Wesley Snipes. Vos paid tribute to Patrice O'Neil. SyFy titles.
▶ 03 - Working for WWE. DeRosa and Hitchcock. Lingerie girls.
▶ 04 - Dumb Gaga gets smashed. Tweets about Patrice.
▶ 05 - Rogan phones, Bawby, DeRosa and Florentine tell stories.
▶ 06 - Two big briefcases full of glass dildos. Punk test.
▶ 07 - A little bit of Black Philip.
▶ 08 - Burr phones, Colin bosses Bawby and Joe. Illuminati. Animals.
▶ 09 - Unmasked, with Ronnie B.
▶ 10 - Patrice and Ant sledgehammer Leo. Up and down game.
▶ 11 - More comics tell stories. Nigga vs Nazi challenge.
▶ 12 - Exotic meats.
▶ 13 - United States of Patrice. Mom. 'Bewildered'.
▶ 14 - Dave Attell says 'Purple suit to buy and a gigantic coffin'.
▶ 15 - Rock coat. Doctor Steve. Raining Stuff. ID4.
▶ 16 - Disconnected Chinese people and the fishtank. Side Pussy.
▶ 17 - Patrice goes to jail.
▶ 18 - Bob Kelly. The last show (plus Otto). 'Going Down Slow'.
Bonus tracks:
▶ 19 - Half a Hulk face. The end of the world.
▶ 20 - A musical education, Top Ten country songs listened to.
▶ 21 - Kevin Hart phones. Then Patrice phones Kevin.
▶ 22 - Snakes On A Plane. Asians go back in the barrell.
▶ 23 - Chris Rock attempts an intervention.
▶ 24 - Pat Coooper goes to town.
▶ 25 - Patrice met Shatner. Time's savage withered claw. Sad Jimmy.
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And when you're done, start from the start:
▶ omgwtfitssteve's YouTube playlist of Patrice's O&A appearances.


  1. Thank you guys for all the hard work, this way all the fans overseas have a way to listen to O&A and the Patrice (RIP) special...

  2. You sir have done Patrice a great service....can't believe it's been a year. Wish I lived close enough to go to the show in February...Do you happen to know of anywhere people can donate for his family??

  3. Thanks for putting these up in smaller sections. I have the special from last year, but it's a huge 14 hour file and hard to find certain bits.

  4. Amazing content. Thank you so much and thanks for the effort.

  5. I finished omgwtfitssteve's patrice oneal on o&a playlist about a month ago. It took me around 3 months of daily listening. Made me so depressed when I finally got to the last few videos.

    I must mention, there wasn't ONE bad show among the lot. The only downside is the first few contain a lot of stupid Twitchels.

  6. Thank you RIP PATRICE :( everytime i think about him i get tears in my eyes

  7. Your a saint sir.
    that pic's hilarious
    RIP Patrice

    1. You realize, without the contractions, that this is a haiku?

  8. I'll go ahead and recommend #10 and the "Up/Down Game". Patrice's laugh is the greatest thing I have ever heard. I listened to this the day Patrice died and I was crying and laughing at the same time.

  9. Holy fuck! I had no idea you were gonna post these man. I'll listen to the ones I hadn't heard before like the Unmasked appearance with Ronnie B.

  10. Thanks for this and everything else you upload!

  11. Thanks for ur great work..must of been a lot of work..much appreciated

  12. Thank you, Patrice made me laugh all the time I heard him. It just so sad that we are not going to hear anymore of his opinion about everything that is going on right now and in the future.

  13. Thanks so much for uploading these. I was really hoping you would.

    Quick question: is the "a little bit of Black Phillip" a podcast he did or was it on the channel at one point? I want to see if I can find more of these. He's just brilliant on it.

    I was a little late to the O&A game and I'm catching up with the Antique shows between your daily uploads, but I don't know the Patrice days too well.

    Thanks again man!

  14. Jesus!! Thanks a million, man!

  15. If you dont have the black Phillip show uploaded i have them ready to post on my blog. I didnt want to add a link to it before you have a chance to answer.



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