3 Dec 2012

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Hobbit framerate and weekend update. Patrice on StubHub. Tugging. Gullible Jim and a viral voyage. Belcher, Costas blames the hardware.
Sam keeps tabs on the staff. Batchat. A greenroom requirement. Dolphin attack. Paedo mood music. Most offensive song nostalgia.
Love ballad. A playboy radio paux fas ... Raaamone! Cancer quack ad. Old man Heff and low cunt. Mashup Nicole makes poor life choices.
Shoeless bums on the street. Plane crash on King Drive. The Lohan. Supernatural philosophy on dumb twitter. Verified. Piers still a cunt.

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Dolphins confuse Sammy. Joe Piscopo still a topic of conversation. Wrestling radio intrigue. Hutt puts a fat dick in Sam's ass. Sex-talk.

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