14 Dec 2012

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Sans Jim. Gifts. RG3 upsets a racist. Bob feeds on victim's life source. Stopping the mail. Courtney mad. Rudd and Team Apatow bashed.

Joey Roses is here. Ben Stiller's range. Belushi and SNL stunk actually. Norm! Monty Python gets beat up too. Drunk uncle / Dumb caller.
Mad magazines. Katt Williams is done again. Ant leaves to do acting. Sandwiches On The Road : An intimate conversation with Joe DeRosa. Adoptive parents, a bunch of dead relatives and some Barry White.

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After Show tittle-tattle. Troy bashes DeRosa again. The big O&A fight.


  1. Today's silver lining - no more Danny!

  2. did they really call rebecca liddicoat "thick"? the hell?

  3. I hope they are joking about Danny being gone, I feel like I'm one of the few that actually like him.

    If not, than perhaps with this place shutting down and temper tantrum Opie being back, Ron and Fez will be a better fit for me.

  4. Fuck Troy Quan! Joe derosa isn't as funny as other friends or the show but he's better than most of the comedians out there. Troy is a bitch for dwelling on their drama for months like a hole.

  5. Danny getting tired seems pretty legit, I'm interested in hearing the hilarious story behind it.

    And fuck Troy, seriously.. he's such a fucking bitch.

  6. I thought there were too many friends of the show having problems with Joe and they were holding him off for that reason... just a theory. Probably wrong.

    Glad to see him back though. He's one of my favorite comedian guests.

  7. Joey Roses is funny with other comedians on - when it's just him he doesn't have anything. The Opie-Joe segment was unbearable.

  8. I didn't mind this show. Definitely a different feel than usual, but I thought it was cool hearing about Opie's childhood, etc


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