5 Dec 2012

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Crybaby. Dr Steve bothered for no good reason. Schools. Traffic.
Photography and savages. Let's watch the TV, that'll relax everyone. Anthony agitated on matters race-based. Kevin Carter's pet vulture.
Thunderstruck. Room-temperature ranch dressing causes a problem. Matt Paxton phones for Hoarders cat chat. Ant regularly goes to 11.

Joe Currie's shitty gigs. Bob Costas blames you for being too stupid. Jimmy gets a civics lesson. Second Amendment is argued. Cupcakes.

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Sam's masculine bladder betrays him, a frothy piss shaggy dog story.


  1. Thank you sir, you do us a great service!

  2. I usually love Opie but the first hour was brutally annoying with him talking about his baby. Was I alone on that?

  3. Kind of ironic Sam kiiiiills on the same day it's announced that 20% of his show is getting axed.

    1. When/Where did the announcement occur?

    2. Towards the end of the after show he said Jime will be doing his own lill' show instead of the aftershow, just on wednesdays though.

    3. I thought it was spoken of on the shit show, every wednesday is going to be taken over by Jim.

  4. I've only been listening to O&A for about 9 months and Sam is one of my favourites on the show, i know it's probably just a joke but whats with all the hate for him on Youtube?

    Also does anyone know when he started working on the show?


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