4 Dec 2012

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Mr Cumia is absent today, so it is grim in the morning. Subway death. Platform strategy and the folly of crowds. People prefer to go for self.
One-sheet, princes ... gout? No Ant, the dumb callers have a field day. Gym Jim. Harsh soundboard. Tom Papa here to put the top hat on it.
Shitty winter holiday songs. Dogshit observational humor. Babyshit.

Hinder pay for abuse. Jimmy pisses. Fantasy shit. Norton's new show. They sit about waiting for Martin Freeman to turn up for quick chat.
Those on expensive mobile data plans ... may wish to take the hint.

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Sam doesn't like missing out. Guy Fieri. The MashUp is a plane crash.

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  1. hmz. Tom Papa, and he brought his Laugh. :-(

    lets hope for a drunken Cumia rant about that in the near future.


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