7 Dec 2012

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Grim in the Morning. Hear more about Opie's kid and the dumb tree. Anthony turns up. Piscopo, fucking young girls and more Ant's Dad.

Robert Kelly is here. Rails against the tyranny of artificial clocktime. Pancake machine delight. Wicker stinks. His Aruba vacation report.
Bob's small shits. Enough about the fucking tree. Beefing the help. What kind of cunt kicks a dog? Turgid cocks sought out. Patrice clip.
UFC is anticipated. Some lactation information and female arse-gas. Fake titties and pull-ups. Dr Steve crudely mocked. Dana White calls.

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Tech Bawby stays to try and steal even more of poor Sam's airtime. Alamo Drafthouse praised for battling cinema savages. Dream error.


  1. You don't like hearing about his Christmas tree?

  2. I hope they talk about that nurse again on monday. I really don't get why she would commit suicide over a prank call.

    1. My argument is this overtakes O&A for the worst/biggest reason for a firing...definitely trumps sex for sam and the Menino fake death.

    2. I hope so too. From what I've read, it sounds like that nurse had some ego problems and couldn't take the spotlight, so she just offed herself as a response. All over a poorly done, hacky prank call from a show with an actual visual element.

    3. Totally agree with Mattie, this prank has a woman's suicide and treason against the crown. How are the boys going to top this!?

  3. lol "Anthony turns up" hahaha


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