19 Dec 2012

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Assault on the media and twitter squabbling. NRA statement is read. Big broken bone and databases. Muskets. Callers test Ant's patience.
Sleeves to mellow us all out. Piers has a very unpleasant personality. Guns in schools. Erock has snacks. More guns and Jim's bank militia.
Fan favorite Mr Dave Attell in studio. Sympathy dogs could go wrong. Golden eagles on the prowl. Gus and Elmer and a big kettlebell error.

Judd Apatow. Mayans and news stories. Two autograph guys bond. Bit of Larry Sanders chat. Kids on the internet. 'Network' and chicks.

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Jim Norton and sidekick Trav-Dog talk to a parade of broken zilches.


  1. "Do you know what the worst part was though chief?, waiting for today's show to be uploaded".

    Cheers M8.

  2. Can we get a RSS feed for the MP3s? I use SubSonic and it would be sweet to plug the feed URL in so it could be automated like a PODCAST.

    1. http://greggtonyandjim.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

  3. That Brian Reegan "What level of pain are you at, 1-10" is something Louis C.K. did during the Chewed Up CD. Wonder who did it first?

  4. haven't listened yet, but the rundown reminded me of the assault on the media.... my god, remember when there were pests? and the listeners were motivated?

  5. If anyone wasn't aware of what scum the media was after editing the Trayvon call in order to push an agenda, you really need to look around. Good on the boys for slamming them so hard.

    Love Jimmy's new show too, he could easily make it a podcast.


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