13 Feb 2012

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Whitney "The Rattler" Houston, an ol' Joey Diaz coke-tale from the JRE, LL prays to the Jaysus, the boys go à la carte. Opie likes something.
Grammy talk interrupted... Nicolas Cage is the studio guest. Operas, motorbikes and rhinos are discussed.
Back to the pop-music, courting Taylor Swift. Alzheimer's is hoped for. Dr Steve talks exploding tits. Opes has a nice new phone picked out.
Toy Story box. Gimmick expert Sam examines Nicki Minaj, Rihanna potentially deserves a punch in the face, Katy Perry is empowered and Jack Black makes people queasy.
Anthony instigates a controversial Peter Sellars backlash.


  1. Thanks man, really appreciate what you do. I just hate listening to the online feed.


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