28 Feb 2012

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Kids are brutal savages and school shooters are assholes. Daytona500 expert analysis. Instagramming motherfuckers and the FDNY kicks it vintage-style. Medical anomalies and impotent customer service.
Theme tunes return to taunt, a sex shop went on fire, Ant gets up to speed on the Mike Viddy audio and Sam is very intolerant.
Lazlow Jones shows up. Food, travel and currency speculation. Just back from a paranoid trip to São Paulo.
African-Americans for Obama. A minor Imus disaster. Management jibber-jabber, a bellicose Jimmy refuses to return to the mainstream. Rule is run over the new crop of dancing celeb numbskulls.

▶ 2012-02-28-SS-CF64k.mp3
Video games, wrestling and Whoo Kid, in other words, the Shit Show.


  1. in other words the shit show. i lol'd

  2. These download speeds are sensational. AND quick uploads? O&A Pirates have never had it so good.

  3. oh my GAWD , Lazlow in studio ? fucking awesome, i cant wait till his next show ,
    and as always Thank a lot for great work mate

  4. One of my LEAST favorite guests. Lazlow comes across as a pompous, too cool for the room asshole. Pretty much like most jerkoffs working at Gamestop.

  5. Love Whookid on the ShitShow......he is actually funny whereas the O&A guys just bitch about working.

    Thanks again for the fast uploads...

  6. soooooo isnt this great ?! :D


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