17 Feb 2012

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Online feed no worky, John and Ken were very inappropriate and got themselves benched. Invisible Secretary of State. A couple of agitated dopes in a row use the phone in an attempt to task Ant.
Gary Carter remembered by Bobo. Romney is all personality. (Laurel & Hardy somehow get slammed, fuck that). Aspirin and Spanish Fly.
Jim Jefferies is here. Nice and easy, we are all now in safe hands with the guv'nor. A blizzard of topics are rattled out effortlessly one after the other for a coupla hours. We also get up to date on his Mum.
Even a brief Roland appearance fails to derail things. Friday and out.


  1. i love when jim jefferies is in!

  2. Agreed, Jim is awesome! Thanks for the upload as always!

    1. Doing a summary was impossible, he was in 15 minutes and I already had two paragraphs of comma separated topics.

  3. Jeffries is probably the only one who makes me not wish Norton was there so badly i want to kill a transient.

  4. i'm quite pleased that sam is absent and danny is in studio working the computer


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