29 Feb 2012

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Street fighting Roper. Ant's election strategy, Sharpton is such a clown that Sam has a stroke. Hockey-talk and brackets. Weight watching Jim is a point-counting cutie and then a job application phone-call arrives.
We go through the fucking looking glass with Roundeye Noodle Bar, and then we all think of the children. The Louie poker scene.
Ant is a cybervictim. Trump pipes-up from his shitty office. A number of previous guests are very disloyal, the Shorty Awards writes Jim and we delve into the conspicuous consumption of foam sneakers.

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Listen-in as a gaggle of old women discuss dieting.


  1. I could mouthkiss you.

  2. wamp wa wa wamp wa wa wamp wa wa wa waaaaaaa

  3. Soooo... Isn't this gur-rate?!

  4. It sure is refreshing to download the show without having to read the uploader's opinion of how much he hates the show and everybody on it everyday.

    1. I completely refuse to understand that vibe.

      And you go to places like Wackbag and the BMT shoutbox, and all you see are people waiting for something to piss on ... doesn't seem to be a fun way to pass the time, not sure why they continue to torture themselves.

      It was absolutely a deliberate choice to keep the summaries positive and the attitude fun, so cheers for noticing.

  5. David is a sweater boy cutie.


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