9 Feb 2012

▶ 2012-02-09-OA-CF64k.mp3
Gregg and Jim, it's Grim in the Morning.
The Artist and silent film, Opes was at a basketball game and has a hankering for Jeremy Lin. Dumb Rosie's Superbowl seats.
Jim Florentine appears. Kareem's nutcase publicist gets the boots put to her. NFL quarterbacks are examined and post-ejaculatory strategy is considered. Florentine is angered by advertising's continued assault on the modern male.
Thunderstruck. The boys are vindicated over Greg Kelly, the not rapist, and CNN's Roland Martin is next-up for a GLAAD kidnapping.
Von in studio. Tells us Patrice's death has turned into a fucking soap-opera. Tales from Brazil and then Norton introduces Joe Lozito, a guy with a story. Show goes long.

▶ 2012-02-09-SS-CF64k.mp3
Opie stays for a Shit Show live read extravaganza, then Whoo Kid sniffs about Von for a few minutes at the end.


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