27 Feb 2012

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Oscars® borefest and douchebaggery is summarised. Billy Crystal is mauled while Chris Rock is lionized. All the usual Hollywood horseshit.
I scream, you scream, we all say sorry for ice-cream. Jimmy clarifies the special-interest rulebook. A dazzling array of accents on the phone.
Self-deprecating Seann William Scott here to plug a couple of his new films. Cuckold porn-talk gets sweet Jim all hot and bothered again.
Islamic savagery. A big boat blackjack beatdown and bad news about the chocolate buffet. Glass coffee-table shitting bit is thrown upstairs. Norton spitballs some new show ideas, "Hey put that back!".

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Intern shit handling recalled on the shit show.


  1. i can't get link to work...anyone else???

    1. Both look fine to me, try again, and let me know.

  2. nvm...alt source worked...thanks!!!

  3. Thanks for making Monday better!

  4. Little jimmy norden is a fine young man


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