21 Feb 2012

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Ant is on a big boat for a week, Sam fails to get in the Justice League, Kenny mangles pronouns, and trust Jimmy to get a cock and balls shaped bruise. Special-interest c-word hostile takeover discussed.
Teen-sensation Joe DeRosa rolls up. Some new Rihanna/Brown tune gets played, everyone deserves a punch in the face. We all sit around with a bunch of rods listening to gay porn.
Live-read deconstructed. The Whitney funeral and vexatious tabloid tittle-tattle, via OJ's Bronco, Diana's Mercedes and Jack Ruby's 38.
Joe's lousy credit rating circles the drain and then a mystery package arrives in studio.

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Erock, Troy, Roland, Whoo Kid on Sam's Shit Show. Jury duty and the dating game are the topics under consideration by the brains trust.


  1. damn thats weird , i'm in poland i woke up early today and i watched 12 Angry Men :D thanks for the upload , I think i'm the only polish guy that download this fine show :D

    1. I think there are a few Polish guys that download the show.
      Blogspot stats are very unreliable, and not very detailed, but Poland now and again pops into the Top 10 for pageviews, so there must be a few more O&A pests in Poland visiting the site.

      If you are from Poland and reading this, "Hello".

    2. How many Australians?


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