8 Feb 2012

▶ 2012-02-08-OA-CF64k.mp3
Opie is missing, Bawby Kelly will be your replacement.
A 600lb lady was on TV, rehab chicks and sneaker riots. Cumia on the couch as young Anthony is probed.
Some UFC talk and Boston Bob's grim and angry superbowl party.
Darrell Hammond is next in the couch. Has a nutty back-story.
Patrice's CD is talked about. Bobby enjoys bacon treats. Ti West is back again, so we have ghosts, digital cameras and molestation.
8 straight minutes of fuckin live-reads that I faded-out for you.

▶ 2012-02-08-SS-CF64k.mp3
Bob Kelly stays with Sam for the Shit Show, and half-way through Von joins them


  1. No Newfie in the intro? Thanks.

    1. Had the Newfie lunatic the first time for novelty, and then the second time cause they backreferenced it in the intro.

      Twice is more than enough for that mad brown-suited bastard.

    2. that guy deleted his videos. does anyone remember his youtube channel?

    3. Beautifulgirlbydana. He is a CUNT.

  2. thanks again bro! and the little banners are awesome. you make those yourself?

    1. Yes, just knock them up as the show is recording. A bit of visual interest and they definitely help when scrolling up and down what would otherwise just be a big repetitive list of show-dates.

      Cheers - David

  3. Thanks for the quick uploads!


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