23 Feb 2012

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American hero Ron Bennington sits in.
Clams are romanticized, phone nostalgia and Dangerfield. Seinfeld 911 call. The electromagnetic spectrum is fretted about. Arm or leg?
Architecture, ashes and the Republican runners and riders. Another chance to sit through Troy's Erock stories from yesterday's Shit Show.
Kevin Pollak in studio. He doesn't like sitting around in trailers.
Podcasts via the history of Fleshlight. Walken and Nicholson gets an airing ... I swear, you would think it was the real people. The secret of comedy is revealed. The big announcement is teased.

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Opie and Kevin stay on, Mars is outed. Some old friends of the show phone in to do bits. Ronnie B rejoins later. It's a 1-hour crossover.


  1. Thanks for the early up as always!

  2. pollak is a douche. i would have rather had danny talk more about the fleshlight.

  3. Ronnie B to the rescue. Japan, ari-ga-tou!


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