24 Feb 2012

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Ronnie B saves Opie's bacon. Sirius stunt hosts. ESD on a shitty TruTv show. NBA chit-chat. Nicole is wasted again, love and marriage and an alien invasion. Two dollar taco-rage and six-foot chain. Young Ronnie always worked the angles. The vague live-read is puzzled over again. Bridges burned, and bridges built, metaphorical and literal.
Jim Jefferies flies-in. Pinball machines, little people and stick swingers. Kevin Pollak brings cake. Vine jumpers. Talkin Walken still struggles for guests. Pay attention: new Asian-American media guidelines are here.
Roosevelt gets a doing, we do the rounds of casual racism in old ads. "Heil Honey, I'm Home". The sandwiches arrive, they eat, we listen. Movie choices and being lucky. The announcement looms large.

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Sandwich party on the shit show. Two word review : Shit Sandwich.


  1. Awesome, more Jefferies! He is desperately needed with Ant gone. Thanks!

    1. He doesn't disappoint, Ant would have been proud.

  2. Any chance for todays Ron and Fez... it was excellent... but cannot find torrent


    1. I listen, but don't usually record Ron&Fez.

      Ryan over at Ted's O&A Emporium has it though.
      You''l need to register(free), and here is the link:



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