16 Feb 2012

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Vaginas. Opie violates copyright on the internet, Ant is a horizontal-holding savant, and Jimmy eyes a replay-machine. Old Calgon and Wisk ads get a re-airing. Nancy Grace is a despicable vulture.
Online app is fucked again, Joe Lozito court update, social network confusion and circles. We then toggle between dumb Chris Brown the Grammy performing savage, and more Mr Lin.
Discussion of imaginary conditions and syndromes inevitably works its way round to Sam's lack-lustre cock technique.
Ant's zombie outbreak tactics and hardware. Andrew Lincoln from Walking Dead eventually is your studio guest.


  1. thems some fast uploads.

    i wanna have your babies. and then leave them in random dumpsters.

  2. Great, fast upload. Awesome job and I'm loving this hulkshare and linking that you're doing. No visiting other sites, and NO ADFLY :D. You rule

  3. SooOoO?? Isnt this Great?


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