30 Mar 2012

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The basics of probability escape the boys as lottery fever descends. Santorum does his best Gabby Johnson. Kenny gets saucy.
Opie's contaminated apartment versus Ant fretting over biohazards. Barbi Benton's nips are examined. Bedtime apparel causes a schism, Jim Abbott was kinda tiring to watch and Erik Nagel is lazy and slow.
LeBron's headband, Troy's schnozola and Sam's thumbs. The lovely Jess is bottomless and videos are watched of people getting dropped.
Clock is watched. The boys struggle to build bridges. Ant was at the Star Wars cantina pursuing his 2nd Ammendment rights. Weekend.

▶ 2012-03-30-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
What did we learn? Daydreams, stalkers and wrestlemania friction.

29 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-29-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Spike Lee should be arrested. News dopes. Corrine Brown off-roading. Bobby Rush costume change, then the ol' Hank Johnson Guam clip.
Criss-cross apple-sauce. A creationist phones in pretending to be the reasonable one. Sam's motives are painfully transparent.
Albino Rhino brouhaha. Dave Attell is here, he decries shoddy airplane camerawork. Duck calls, metal detectors, noodling and storage wars.
Attell spitballs some new show ideas. The Boston Dynamics sand-flea. Community's Gillian Jacobs in studio, talking about stuff she's done. Ant's obsession with the big clay head continues.

▶ 2012-03-29-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Lottery chat, doormen and a horrifically pussywhipped caller.

28 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-28-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Pissfoot follow-up. Sam has a hat. In absentia, foolish Troy is ridiculed. We listen-in to Norton's appearance over on Imus.
"We are the world". Jet Blue freakout. Octomom's fuckableness and degenerate ball-players. If Jim's got a paint can and a sock, watch out!
The new pop tunes are out, some gun law and Jaysus on a dinosaur. Social engineering the SATs as we race towards oblivion.
More shitty old TV for James Norton, he's on with the Nicolini.
Jersey Shore Pauly D turns up to yammer away, and Jimmy's back.

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Jim stays on the Shit Show to make up time. Troy is phoned and Ant is on the hotline. The Antolini first date clip is played. Cleveland.

27 Mar 2012

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Ant and Erock report back that the Shorty Awards are a sack of shit.
Tebow comes to town, he is excited. Opie gets caught in the pick. Pissfoot and Shitfinger ... the bodily fluids are ranked and rated.
Zimmerman police report is read. Shaquille O'Neal turns-up early to take care of business. Effortlessly has the boys eating out of his hand.
Aziz Ansari is next up, the one-sheet is checked. Bombing, old rope, new media and dance monkey dance.

▶ 2012-03-27-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Roland-heavy episode of the Shit Show. If an hour of banal, facile celeb-based insider bollocks is your thing, then you're laughing.

Love Is A Battlefield

The boys enjoy a Pat Benatar video. Dramatics and dance-battles.

26 Mar 2012

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Kinect golf. Trayvon hoodie, white hispanics and newsmedia reality distortion fields. Geraldo Rivera thuglife. Jets QB controversy.
Erock's twitter and Cheney's ticker. Road tolls and privacy balderdash.
Pat Benatar's video back-catalog trawled for pimps and Nazis. James Cameron dives deep. The Titanic is a "big pile of rusted shit". Pickles.
Hey, time to be cool, Donald Sutherland is in studio. Awkward radio at its very, very finest ... but everyone seemed to have fun.

▶ 2012-03-26-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Jimmy's odd celeb behaviours are scrutinized. The awkward George Wendt interview is picked over. Brackets. *crash* Ronnie B walks in.

Serling On Censorship

Great find by Ant. Clip from a 1959 Rod Serling television interview.

23 Mar 2012

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Studio lights. Tebow is in New York. Man down in the street. Apache FLIR, Whitney did coke apparently and Sam's awful wrestling junk.
ODB, Bill Maher op-ed, and how the FCC and sales worked together to shutdown terrestial radio. Homeless Charlie is mentioned.
Matt Paxton in studio. Hoarders, mice, beat-downs and podcasts.
Matt stays for a second bit. More thoughts on the psychology of dirty nutjobs. Hit the phones, and October podcast is floated again.

▶ 2012-03-23-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Sam doubts the boys are prepared to do the heavy lifting required of a podcast. Surly grunting idiot Bobo is allowed on the aftershow.

22 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-22-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The Tebow Jets trade. Fireman Ed and all the other superfan cunts.
Kevin Smith briefly pops in. EPIX, Mr Goalie and the Book of Mormon.
The new Imus impression is here. Free speech assault and Jim is hot on the trail of white self-loathing and insidious racist condescension.
Bob Kelly in studio. Jizztrees. Ant's gun license paperwork is due. Cum guzzling and shower antics. Florentine phones in to talk football.
Reno recreation. Guns and Ammo. Shatner's syrup is widely praised.

▶ 2012-03-22-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Bawby stays on with Travis and Danny for the Tech Talk Shit Show.

Patrice Disgusted At O&A Ignorance

▶ MP3 : 19mins (source unknown)    ▶ YouTube
Following the Florentine hip-hop fiasco ... here is a frustrated Patrice disgusted by the boys inability to name classic tracks or any rappers.

21 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-21-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Dodging a Santorum bullet, gay porno, climate schmimate, basketball dunk and big giant chicks, Manning #18. Kenny calls the shots.
Mashup Nicole, sweet Jim Norton on Fox & Friends, Romney mashup. The comedy stylings of Bobby DeNiro, turnabout and free-speech.
WWE Chris Jericho in studio. Roast stories, the xfl train wreck. Bits, and the science of playing the heel. Parking lot zombie attack.
Jersey Shore pointless tittle-tattle. TV ad nostalgia and skulls getting smashed in. Islamic acid and Jewish nana. Uncle Paul, file-trader at large. TV on the radio: The Paul Lynde Show is watched and enjoyed.

▶ 2012-03-21-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Some Troy nonsense to skip, then tape of the first time Jericho was in. Him and Norton getting tense, includes bonus Patrice. Whoo Kid.

20 Mar 2012

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Draw something up-summed. Ted Knight. Gooning it up. Linsanity put to bed. Cleveland gets handled. Presidential spring break expense.
Retards love stickers. Florentine in studio, the show flips formats to sports-talk. Manning and Tebow are scoped. Phones light up.
Nanny NY mayor, John Montone 1010 WINS ridiculed. Crotchety old man Florentine doesn't like Hip Hop, Troy brings the thunder.
Terrifying FCC Superbowl complaints are in. Some characters try their hand at letter-reading, with varying degrees of coherence. Onanistic blind item is prodded for likely candidates.

▶ 2012-03-20-SS-CF64k.mp3
Sam talks about Jimmy characters, Erock fails to find clips in a timely manner, Nicole is quizzed on fucking, and Troy says nigga a few times.

19 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-19-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Window decals get fixed. Vacation recap, voyage to the bottom of the sea. Opes ponders the pre-Socratic elementals. More Mariana Trench talk and Club Med Hendel's big delicious cock.
Getting topicals collide. Last little bit of Springsteen/Roland malarky. Dumb Rosie gets shit-canned, the E-Lo is pined after. The Busybuddy Show is enthusiastically promoted. Wheels fall off Cleveland.
Draw something. Ant battles stereotypes on the road. Texting PSA.
Sam's Wondercon Virgil update (tumblr), sets off Erock. The hustle is playacted, and ... scene. Louis CK under scrutiny. Sharpton and a big black cock.

▶ 2012-03-19-SS-CF64k.mp3
It's the Shit-Show. Kenny stays on, and speculative hotel plans.

16 Mar 2012

Opie is on an island, Jimmy in Orlando, and Ant is welded to the toilet.
No live show today.

15 Mar 2012

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Cable company vs the phone company in a wild race to the bottom. Loud change cup guy, Jimmy's elevator antics, and an asshole eagle.
Abrupt end to first hour ... Ant suddenly feels unwell.
@AnthonyCumia : Just feeling a bit sickly. Think it was dinner. Ufh
@AnthonyCumia : Better now but going home. Sorry!!
Show went to Worst Of for an hour. Check here for latest updates.

Jim restarts the show, Rich and Bonnie in studio.
Domestic tribulations. The neverending movie. We begin to suspect that Rich may be somewhat self-involved, either that or he's gay.
Storage unit porno clearout. The Vos sexy talk. The dismal, dishonest state of most broadcast media. Limbaugh thing gets kicked around.
Rich remembers who he forgot. Road tales and bitter jealousy. Bees.

▶ 2012-03-15-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The Shit Show's raison d'être is explored. More office gossip. Roland sing-song and tight pants.

14 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-14-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Dial-up, criss-cross, getting away with it and the Hanson rollercoaster. Dance moms... hot! Lil' Jimmy lands. Fashion trends in the community.
Mike Baker, all the usual shitholes and quagmires discussed.
A double barrel 1911 is mocked. Happy Birfday Jimmy. The sports-talk monkey jock fired. Stooges slaps, smacks and pokes. Time ravages the Magic Garden. Greased lightning and zooming.
Celebrities are better than regular people. A Secret Service Wikipedia article is skimmed. Ant remains obsessed with the big clay head.

▶ 2012-03-14-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The state of contemporary popular country music is examined. Troy and Sam put the boots to screener Paul.

13 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-13-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
You like Danny? You do, I've a show for you. Yeesh. Coddled hoarders continue to infuriate everyone, smoke stories and psychoactives.
Hulkster VHS escapades. Arrested development and wedding plans of pussy-whipped young Sambo. Domestic squabbling and pre-nups.
No barrel left unscraped as TV continues its voyage down the reality drainhole. Ant has a curious take on white-knighting. Comic books.
Whitney's daughter talks bollocks to Oprah. Monkees, a mantle clock and March madness. Jon Bernthal from Walking Dead is late.

▶ 2012-03-13-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The Troy/Erock pantomime again, the phones, some bracket chat.

12 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-12-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Springsteen wrap-up. Hear about photos of the shiny famous people that the boys annoyed. We imagine a young Jim had access to twitter.
Amy Schumer sits in. Wheelchairs and Plan B. The princely Nagel seed. Sleep is great. Shitting and farting on planes. Louis CK is disgraceful.
Stand-ups doing ads isn't fine. It's 'Troy brings a friend to work' day. Subway fear and loathing. Fuck antics and dirty talk catastrophes.
Will Ferrell in studio. Improv, SNL and all the usual stuff. He did a movie in Español. Talk about internet comedy and twitter.
We return for some quick plugs, Ant goes on a bombing mission and someone is asked to shit in a cat-litter box. Next exit, Log City.

▶ 2012-03-12-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Roland on the show, Jimmy returns ... wonder what the topic is, can you guess? The creep Troy returns with his next sexual abuse victim

9 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-09-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Opie is out. Ant takes a trip to the borg future. Joseph Kony is a bad man, go tweet somebody. Fat Bob Kelly and the boy DeRosa appear. Wardrobe diversity and dead eyes in the jungle. Treadmills and cake.
Jailbreak, drunks, and nocturnal emissions. When the lights go out, a very different trip to the future. Creampies and the refractory period. Joe and Bob test deodorant product.
Siri stinks on ice. The Dice impression entertains one and all, Valley Jim much less so. Menstruation sing-song. The Fly and a Predator.
Domenick Lombardozzi into studio, thrill as the energy is sucked right out the fuckin room. The boys work super hard and pull the nose up.

▶ 2012-03-09-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Bobby and Joe stay for the Shit Show, cock-sucking is the topic.

8 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-08-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Hoarder Jimmy clears out shitty computer parts from his storage unit, if only he had some kind of emporium available to unload this junk.
Erock is thoroughly scrutinized. Inevitably this means Troy collects airtime, but on the upside, some lovely spoonwork from young Sam.
The iPad bet is resolved. New characters come thick and fast.
Peyton Manning tape is played. Ant was bamboozled by Tinker Tailor, Lil Jimmy tries to help him. GetGlue is fucking ridiculous and trouble brews at Castle Nagel. Kony-time, aka facile internet activism.

▶ 2012-03-08-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Intern Eric takes a mild beating on the Shit Show. Bad day at work for guys called E. Death of physical media. That Troy cunt is back again.

7 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-07-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
No Jimmy. Super Tuesday and the hottest first daughters. Limbaugh consequences. Taking a time-bomb to the movies. Erock is a painfully transparent malingering fool ... and he's fat!
Unintelligent design and battling supersized bugs. Getting scalped by the eye-watering vig.
Cats and kittens. Peyton Manning. Dr Ruth, she aint no fuckin expert, Sam schooled that broad. iPad tech talk and then the boys try some arithmetic. Young boys in swimwear are googled. "Women are sexual objects", and yoga pants too. Mash-up Nicole craves the hard cock.

▶ 2012-03-07-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Erock and Kenny call the hotline. Then Troy and Danny show up.

6 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-06-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Freedom of speech, just watch what you say. Great table-thumping performance from Opie as the boys fire on all cylinders. "Frank was better?" not on the phone he's not.
Angel Heart was a great flick. Mad Men office antics. An Intervention heroin-chic chick gets everyone semi-turgid.
The politics of guest booking. Sam's dead wrestlers update, return of. Ace Sherbert sickens us. Pat Robertson is a lunatic. Exo-skeletons and ants in general are admired. Wease 'nam tapes.
WWE Adam 'Edge' Copeland in studio. Injuries, surgeries, ladders and the Hall of Fame. Tales from the road. Sports-entertainment mic work.

▶ 2012-03-06-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Two worst of clips. Intern Harry T (the lying sack of cunt) gets busted trying to push his own clips, and AJ Poopieschitz really loves tits.

5 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-05-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src    ▶ Alt Src
Tornado-time (forks at the ready). Theology and contraception chat: Kurt Cameron versus the gays, Limbaugh versus the sluts.
Find the snitch ... Yimmy's egg-whites causes a big situation.
Sam's Ring of Honor update, 360degrees of blur equals confusion. Thought-crime sensitivity training causes apoplexy in studio. A dumb caller gets lots of things the wrong way round.
Twitter dopes are dopey. More Cameron hot man on man action. Mysterious ways, original sin and the long con game. Piers Morgan doesn't like daughter rape, he loves it. And then there's Maude.

▶ 2012-03-05-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
A room full of interns yapping it up as the totem pole is organised. Spoiler: Someone almost drives a car into a horse.

Mohr Stories 19 - Otto And George

The discussion about Otto and George on Friday's show reminded me of this clip from Mohr Stories 19 podcast, where Jay Mohr and Colin Quinn talk about the level of sheer psychosis involved.
Apparently the podcast was recorded in a sea-shell.

2 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-02-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The Anthony Show.
DeRosa and Vos are up bright and early. Joe's a greedy pig. Rich is the subject of international intrigue, also has Israelli geopolitical analysis. Joe must have found some of Burr's old conspiracy pamphlets.
Everyone agrees that Otto and George are great. Advanced wooing techniques from Joe ... Kathi sound's quite the catch.
Guns and ammo phone-time segues into Breitbart remembered. Overdogs and outsiders. DeRosa channels the ghost of Howard Beale. No-ones getting off the hamster wheel anytime soon.

▶ 2012-03-02-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
Steve Sturniolo sits in with our Sam for some mild intern abuse.

1 Mar 2012

▶ 2012-03-01-OA-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
The Monkees back-catalog is trawled. Great footage of a little crybaby Anthony. Opie forces the Knicks up against the sports curse. Everyone is happy for Fezzie, prompts Ant to make a special announcement.
Johnny Cash was magic, you better agree. Branson Missouri tornado news quickly leads to the Yakov Smirnoff dinner adventure beating.
Brother Wease simulcast ... shitty audio courtesy of Mars.
Army Ranger Sean Parnell has a book about his time spent on the ground in Afghanistan. Breitbart news breaks during interview.
We go back to Wease. Breitbart liked to stay awake, a touching Davy Jones tribute. Jimmy's internet harassment of Don Cheadle pays off.

▶ 2012-03-01-SS-CF64k.mp3    ▶ Alt Src
More of the usual. Photos, exercise-bikes, brackets and free books.