1 Nov 2012

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Tick-tock on the cleanup. Making moves. Godless universe, bloody revolution and crane theory. Photon prejudice and political rhetoric,
Florentine is here to charge his phone. Basement dwelling tensions. Jimmy sniffs around. RUSH. Football, baseball and Bon Jovi barbecue.
The wilderness. Shaq, Chicken? Curtis was a prick. All good with Erock? Jocktober: A tribute. Traffic all kinda fucked. Mohr money. Curseman.

RZA aka be-de-de-de-de-dee Bobby Digital. Tries some comedy... oof. Mystery of chess boxing, cash ruled everything around him, triumph.

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A big bottom lip does little to aid Roland's pronunciation. Gold brick.


  1. Can we get a media fire link? Pllleeeasseee? Asses at work blocked PEEJSHARE of all things now :(

    1. Yeah, but it'll probably be about 30-45 minutes.

      Power outage, everything went down, so doing the YouTube upload, am re-recording and uploading the Shit Show, then I'll circle back and send a file to mediafire.

  2. i love RZA! but im sure the boys did nothing but mock the fact that he was coming in lol. sounds like he wasnt so great on the show anyways ahahaha

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for ur servies ..been working in the am now and its great to come home to an easy upload..much appriciated

  4. That RZA joke was worse than almost every 'Dad' joke I've heard. Oof, indeed!


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