13 Nov 2012

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Elmo email. Petraeus imbroglio. Anti-democratic dependency danger. Ant's websites. Thanksgiving song causes consternation/suspicion.
Biggie sample hunt. Erock jingle day, fatty pig fatty is not appreciative.

No game was sent. Underground cities and the continental soldiers. Jerry Lawler heart-attack on tape, CM Punk on the mic. Hoarders.
Robin Zasio from Hoarders to plug a book. Mental cases. Sal stinks.

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Sam offers counsel to Sal with regard to improving his performance.


  1. The boys have been doing the "...had been SENT!" lines for a couple months now. What is this referencing? It's driving me nuts that I can't figure it out!

    p.s. thanks for posting these

  2. Jaws....Quin't indianapolis speech...."No distress signal had been sent..."

    Also, whats the pic for today? Is that from the Pentagon?

    1. I went to Supersexe. Far too high class for me. I was blacked out and only remember leaving it to go to the ATM and getting lost, finding my car, hitting two other cars, and getting lost again. I woke up to a weighted toilet placed in front of my car. We left after snorting speed and almost hit the guy who was cursing us for moving the toilet.

      Viva la Montreal.


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