5 Nov 2012

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Foreign policy, special treatment, Jews are blamed. Generator noises. Haves and havenots. Ant is jonesing for gas. Self sufficiency. The Seer.
Marathon: Francesa tape and an oblivious Mary Wittenberg bashed.

Jay Mohrz is in studio. Hilarity ensues. Bradshaw chicken chase clip. Coulter resolute on retards. Lead singers. A special boy is spoken to.
Kevin Pollak joins show. Eddie Vedder gets it tight. Per diem dispute. Can Kevin be persuaded to give us a Walken? Norm! My fat Asian wife.
Poker chips and wistful Chip memories. Stone Cold ET cracks-up Jay.

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Hurricane interns, more haves and havenots. Nicole invited in. Rape.


  1. Jay Mohr !!!

    What an EXCELLENT birthday present!

  2. Replies
    1. Not too ....

      It's #50.

      Ouchie ....

      But thank you, just the same! lol

  3. thanks for posting this!

  4. can someone help me, i'm trying to find the show they did recently when Jimmy utters the amazingly horrific line "bloody child's underpants" during a bit i can't remember. upon remembering the line and the way jimmy delivered it it made me laugh very hard on the way to class this morning...if anyone can help that'd be awesome!

    1. I think that was the Scott and Todd jocktober, the one from THERE'S A TREE ON MY HOUSE, they were talking about what's under the leaves.

  5. Replies
    1. I didn't record it, so not from here I'm afraid.

  6. BlackIrish - Spot on. One of the best shows in quite some time. Jimmy, Jay Mohr, and Kevin Pollak... wow!

    Pete - It's all good. If you're 50 then that makes you a "Child of the 80's" too.

  7. This show was fucking incredible.


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