21 Nov 2012

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Many bits are presented, causes suspicion. End the year with a bang. Brooklyn, box-fresh and Norton's shitty feet. Listener gifts. Shithole.
Vos is here, listen to his sexy antics. Erock the stalker and OAPhotos.

Gay talk and airlines. Dave Attell joins us , motherfucker always on fire. Rich offers up his Middle East peace plan. Obama's parents bashed. Callers decide to stick their oar in. Bonnie briefly on speakerphone.
Jacob Tomsky and his book about the hotel business. Pre-registering.

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Whoo Kid joins Sam. Racist thanksgiving and sucking underage cock.


  1. Attell is incredible...I saw him do stand up once and he had the crowd shout names of cocktails at him for 20 mins straight, he killed making jokes on every one of them. I would love to hear him on the show more often....

  2. Whoo Kid on the Shit Show is instant gold every time, they're crazy not to put him on the main O&A semi-regular roster.

    1. He can't get up early enough for the main show...if you catch what I'm throwing. WINK!

  3. Hey man thanks for the audio once again, I can always count on you to get my O&A fix.

    I'm wondering if maybe you'd be able to record this weekends "Worst of" thanksgiving episodes. I hear it's going to be some great clips from old shows and Jim is going to host them as Chip.

    Thanks again for everything.

    1. Yes, the two Worst Ofs will most likely be posted.

      Remember they run an hour longer (no After Show), so adjust your schedules as required.


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