10 Nov 2012 - Davey Mac

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Crimson Tide. Show idea. NAPA know how. Telemarketer confounded. Grace. Barney's breakdown. Where's Dave's poster? Salty's song. Ambien advice. Cockhole blowhole. Dave is badly retarded. Cheers.
Blasphemy. Mike Brown contractually abused. Gronk. Chicken chaser.


  1. Thanks for all the shows! Did Bageling with the sex ever happen?

    1. I thought it was next week that it wasn't going to happen.

  2. Yeah, we won't know Erock's excuse until next week.

  3. Dude you so rule. I have a Sirius/XM account and never have to time to listen to the show even with replays and worst of's on weekends. I look forward to your postings each day--makes mind numbing work go a little easier in the office!


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