19 Nov 2012

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Whale-tales: Ant brutally rapes the Borgata. Insurance and consent. Jenny Hutt parody doesn't go over. Jimmy eats some sweet treats.
Ira video. Toilet paper theft. Potato based sing-song music is played. Saturday shows reviewed, Erock stumbling and Roland mumbling.

Billy Burr-oo is here. High school reunion and murder. Little twerps. Salad 'n' juice. Reports back on what he learned in Oz. Netball stinks.
A half-hearted vaccination conspiracy vaguely floated. Sports update. Silly old sports fans line up to be fleeced. Terrible trailer causes anger.

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Chip visits Sam and Roland. Jim is here too, talks about working out. The weekend bones picked over. Sal fails and Roland holds a grudge.


  1. Burr!! Instant win on all fronts.

  2. for a moment, i really thought anthony had become a master of the toodly doo when that irish folk song was playing. then i realized, i'm a fool.


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