7 Nov 2012

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Anthony offers up his assessment of the presidential election result. End of racism. Speeches and the phony political game. Dumb Trump.
Rove denies. Mini-stroke and a liquored-up Diane Sawyer. LA intrigue.
More Mohr. Callers challenge Ant. Jay does some lovely sideline work. Chris Matthews is glad all over. The real Colin Quinn phones show.
Hey, Louis CK is here. Whole big bunch of Saturday Night Live stories. Two Emmys and some time-off. When the boat got stuck in the mud.
A very Jewey hat. Mysteries of the deep. Shooting past each other.

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New show ideas for the channel floated. Nagelcast procrastination.


  1. I'm so excited....post election ant, jay mohrsss and louie? This could rival monday's masterpiece....thanks GTAJ!

  2. Four more years of Anthony's hilarious conservative political anti-Obama rants, which makes for even better O&A radio. I missed the first 40 minutes of the show so I wanted to listen to that part. Thank you, GTAJ.

  3. getting ready to listen to today's show, does anyone know if the election was discussed? double guns, cumia

  4. First Ricky, now Louis, this is a great week. Thanks so much for uploading these, now people from all over the world can listen to O&A everyday.

  5. Likely I'm too late in mentioning this, but Ant went up on Paltalk last night to live commentate on the election happenings and yell all the good stuff for a couple hours in his dark living room. Not sure if that's something you'd bother posting up on the site, but might be a nice little addition to today's post-election day show. Ant's reaction when they announced Obama reached 270, it's something I'm glad I didn't miss...

    Many thanks and praises for doing what you do for us every day, you're a god among men

    1. Have you got a recording of it?

      If so, it's no problem to post it here.

    2. Sorry, I didn't. Next time I'll be smart and give you a heads up. If there's an app that anyone can recommend (cydia or not) that lets me record the video and audio of my iphone/ipad, I could use that next time too.

  6. Great to have Louis finally come back to the show, and Jay/Double Colin (tss tss) knocked it out of the park. I wonder why Louis' third Emmy never gets mentioned, though (for the Chris Rock show). Anyway, thanks GTAJ!

  7. Outstanding work - I look forward to this broadcast every day in the office. Thanks so much!

  8. It's great to see that Louis hasn't turned his back on the show, not that I expected otherwise. But I do miss the times when he would just come in to hang out and be funny. Now it's mostly pretty superficial talk about his show, most of which I've I've heard on his late night appearences

  9. It wasn't until I listened to this show did I realize, Jay Mohr and Louis CK haven't been on a show together since the Ricky Gervais thing where Mohr came back with that crazy impression (and seemed somewhat slightly bitter).

    It's good that they are getting along here though. :3


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