2 Nov 2012

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Frayed social fabric: A tale of two cities. Bloomberg backlash begins. Two dead children and a guy in flip flops. Lady runner does a runner.

Escape From New York, on empty? Old Man And The Sea. Gym creep. Lackluster Apple. Union violation and ursine hibernation. C note.
Sam status update. Carlin disciple. An innocent victim is on the phone. Syphon soundtrack. Time to get your GTA on ... Anarchy In The US.
Cookie problems in Cloud City. Twitter games. The Jimmy situation. Lady caller is listened to. Petrochemical recriminations begin. BTTC.

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Mash-up friction, Rich and Nicole - an insight into the banality of evil. Opie causes anarchy and Erock talks about calamity. Troy speculates.


  1. jimmy's ocean bit. up there with the moon, trees, and birds. love luff lurve

  2. Has anyone thought about what how this hurricane has impacted the C.H.U.D.s?

  3. This show made me laugh hard! Jimmy's ocean hate plus the syphoning soundtrack.. one of the funnier shows in a while.


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