6 Nov 2012

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Ant's had it with the cold, he's close to the edge. Permits and bribes. It's election day coverage. Attack on the media. Jay Z on the stump.
Erock family house hunt, mighty ocean versus beach. Miss Fire Island. Audio contest, return of. Visual bias distracts. The Manfredi Way.
Schizo-nation, the election is called. Pizza pie. Arrested development. Geometric growth and large number confusion. Stevie B. More audio.

White Obama, blacks for Romney. Callers allowed on, ride the mute. Ricky Gervais is brought in. Gregg and Tony leave, Jimmy flies solo.

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No Shit Show ... Ricky, Jim and Sam used the hour for their interview.


  1. I was terrified that I was going to get a Rocko clip when clicking on "Manfredi Way" at the office. I had to click anyway. whew...

  2. Anyone by chance know what the rejoiner song is at 58:10? I'm always curious about it whenever it plays.

  3. Is there anyone on here who isn't looking forward to hearing Anthony Explode/Gloat tomorrow morning?

  4. Oh boy, is tomorrow's show ever gonna be fun.

  5. As soon as that gay rage against the machine song starts up I expect to hear Anthony screaming.

    He might make some good points too!

  6. Tomorrows show is going to be great!


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