26 Nov 2012

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Ant's racist dinnertime. No mash. Cats galore. Ope's mental mother. Jimmy went to the cinema. Stupid Black Friday. Erock the curator.
Stressful shopping for a big shot. 80s shitty soap themes = big buzz. Old parade footage, long Florida dick and X-Factor vocal gymnastics.
Jets mess discussed at great length, a superfan replacement sought. The confusing nature of SiriusXM marketing. A psychological test.

Jenny Hutt walks and talks ... and sucks. Troy Quantity's Pennsylvania. A Sleeves double-bill is mostly enjoyed. Chip meets some Rockettes.

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Sam says that John Mayer stinks on ice, Zito barges in to disagree.


  1. "Stupid Black Friday"

    Earl Douglas?

  2. is hulkshare link giving anyone else shit?

    1. is the link taking you to hulkshare and not letting you d/l?

  3. yeah it's taking straight to the site on Firefox and the d/l link won't work. try ie, suprisingly, it worked that way

  4. not me...hulkshare seems fine

  5. Yeah. I just click the link, and it downloads. That's how I have it set up in FireFox.


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